Sandy Lane
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The Miller Family Story
Lane examines the union of myth and science through a documented study of the Miller Moth and its relatives in the order of Lepidoptera. The moths have been preserved in acrylic paint and placed under glass within the confines of various shadow boxes created in mixed media. Upon their death the moths were given a butterfly burial. The box serves as a reliquary of symbolic images combining fact and fiction.

This work employs the deceased Miller Moth in an investigation into the order of Lepidoptera through myth and science. It investigates why the butterfly is loved, admired and elevated to mythical good while the moth is despised and receives a status of evil.

Each Miller Moth is painted as a butterfly. The moth in its natural form, is scanned into the computer and enlarged to expose its individuality of color and other distinct features which are dulled to the naked human eye. The piece becomes a reliquary for the Miller Moth allowing for one last transformation into a butterfly burial. Much research went into this body of work, discovering the interweaving of myth and science, prejudices and why we need metaphor.