Sandy Lane
I am inevitably lured to exploring life's narratives. I examine the power of the story and how it affects the culture and social mores it defines. My visual language derives from symbolic imagery that has been abstracted from legendary tales, and then combined into a visual blend between story and my journey of truth. Re-contextualizing imagery recalls metaphors for the human condition. I am in constant search for the metaphor that identifies this condition. The concept dictates the direction of my process and the media that is incorporated throughout its execution. I am an interdisciplinary artist, exploring both traditional and experimental media as well as two and three-dimensional works and installation.

The still life is an important element in my work and as collection; it serves as a manipulator of time, caught in the missing dimension. The collection itself contains stages between life and death, where anxiety meets desire and seduction is affirmed. I am fascinated with the toy as replica for life, life's belongings, situations and places; they evoke aspects of the real while remaining worlds apart. The miniature functions as a tool examining past, present and future from the voyeur's perspective, not unlike the Wizard of OZ, who controlled or seemingly so, the outcome of act I, II and III.

My work continues to evolve with the aid of diminutive objects that describe infinite worlds within worlds. I am on a quest to reveal the narrative subtext whether it is with a toy camcorder recording the social play of our K-9 companions or the miniature tableaux that reveals life's introspective moments throughout time.

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