Sandy Lane
Room with a View (1)Room with a View (2)
Room with a View
Room With A View examines a daydream perspective using fruits and vegetables in transforming interior spaces. These creations aid in propagating a revolving door that enters space, memory and desire. As ephemeral objects creating intimate installations, digital photography becomes the necessary medium in documenting these otherwise mixed-media glimpses of imagined rooms within a home. Lane’s effort, is expressed as a team in this work with her husband, Terry Lane, who digitally photographs these dioramas as she completes each living space.

Room settings mirror the viewpoint of my orientation as an inhabitant of places similar but different; they evoke aspects of the real while remaining worlds apart. These environments reflect a fantasy of desire created from a longing for home. Miniature dioramas collect and contain jeweled moments that aid in the infinitude of the daydream. As tangible places they become an intense substitute for the real, the dream and the memory.