Sandy Lane
Mapping the Liminal
Mapping the Liminal addresses sensorial memory as well as the topography of domesticated land. The objects encased and bound with sutures between taut membranes serve as souvenirs for those moments in which Lane stumbled upon life’s discards. These items represent the marginalized and unwanted, which also exist in that in-between space of life and death. Their current encapsulation and chaotic order functions as a mnemonic device and journey leading to the discovery of their empty container. Each vessel now acts as a place-holder for a narrative describing the found object, which translates its value and existence within the artist’s collection.

The taut membrane functions as a veil between worlds at many levels as well as it provides a separation for acceptance, much like photographing through cheesecloth or blurring imperfections with Photoshop. There is a layer of protection from the abject while still maintaining the abject.