Sandy Lane
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American Mythologies
The political landscape probes and toys with public memory through rhetorical sound bites that travel between ears and out mouths in a remix that embeds memory. This cycle continues as the public sector repeats these one-liners while conversing with friends, family and colleagues in a demonstration of shared knowledge. American Mythologies constructs and manages with visual tools the manipulation of my memory through digital tableaux. A memory that undoubtedly brings forth my personal orientation mixed with contemporary discourse engaged in government details including; policy debate, elections, squabbles, name-calling and fabrications.

This work visually describes ongoing themes in American politics. During the 2012 election political rhetoric evoked the term 'adult' attached to desired and hopeful actions of American politicians. Dolls and other toys have been employed as well as video clips of children at play along with live stop action to reinforce these motifs. Each digital hybrid reveals dichotomy hints of the logic versus illogic that prevails the ongoing political rhetoric.

The repetition of the ilk references a glimpse at society in which a population dilutes the identity of an individual. In addition the toys serve as metaphors for the current sound bites such as 'grown-up talk', 'adult dialogue', 'adult conversations', and 'act like grown-ups' which have been attached to so many statements uttered from politicians on both right and left affiliations.

The American political landscape contains all the necessary ingredients in both myth-making and perpetuating a fabricated mythology. Mascots signify identified parties while new parties and superheroes continue to crop up and serve as driving forces in branding new entities and their manifestos. In addition to propagated political rhetoric that serves as hope and nationalism for a 'better' future and 'happy endings'.